Date:      7/11/02

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 3: Certified Survey Map – Patrick Laux – 1147 Goss Ave.

The CSM is proposing to adjust the southern property line for the lot owned by Patrick Laux by 23 feet. Mr. Laux recently purchased this 23 ft. from the adjacent property owner, Donald Brown. The new Lot 1 will be xx square feet and the new Lot 2 will be xx square feet. Mr. Laux intends on constructing a new garage and would need this additional land in order to conform to zoning setback requirements.

Furthermore, Jennie Street has already been officially mapped (66 ft. right-of-way) by the Town to pass through between Mr. Lauxs’ and Mr. Browns’ lots (extend through Goss property). Therefore, the CSM is also proposing to vacate that portion of the officially mapped right-of-way. Town Subdivision Ordinance Chapter 6 allows the road vacation to be a part of a CSM as opposed to requiring a separate public hearing with a Class 2 notice.

As a side note, the Goss property was recently annexed by the City of Menasha and staff has heard that the City will not mandate Jennie St. to pass through the proposed subdivision. As you may remember from the Town’s review of the preliminary plat, Town staff preferred the road to pass through as it was officially mapped. The plat still needs to go through the official review process by the City of Menasha, which involves objecting agencies such as Winnebago County. Staff did contact the County but they have indicated at this point that they would not object.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the CSM. The Town though will not issue any building permits until the preliminary plat is approved. The preliminary plat would then vacate the balance of Jennie St.