Date:      7/11/2002

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 5- Town Conditional Use Permit – Consolidated Construction Co.

Consolidated Construction Company is requesting a Town Conditional Use Permit for a new 30,169 square foot strip mall and a 4,800 sq. ft. restaurant, which will be located off of Olde Buggy Dr. and West American Drive. There are two access drives proposed to come off of Olde Buggy Drive. The strip mall will have a mix of retail, restaurant, and office uses. These uses will be connected on the outside by an 8 ft. wide concrete sidewalk

There is a navigable stream running along the eastern portion of the property but the buildings and parking lots are situated beyond the 75 ft. shoreland setback. The project will have 52 percent green space and therefore it meets the minimum 30 percent requirement. The applicant did not calculate the floor area ratio. Based on information provided by the applicant, staff has determined that the floor area ratio for this development is less than 10%.  The maximum allowed is 40%.  Property owners within 300 ft. have been notified of the Town CUP request.  A concept site plan is attached.


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the Town CUP, with the following conditions:

1.       Fences – There is a 6 ft. opaque fence shown along the northern property line. The specific fence details must be submitted to staff and the Planning Commission may require a higher fence based on resident input.

2.       Outdoor lighting – No outdoor lighting detail is shown.  All outdoor lighting must conform to the requirements of this district (e.g. no wooden poles, full cut-off fixtures)

3.       Signs – No signs have been identified. The design & color of the facial signage for each use in the strip mall shall be uniform. Any free standing signs must abide to the B-5 guidelines and the design and placement shall be approved by Town staff.

4.       Parking – Parking is identified on the plan (233 stalls) and it meets the minimum requirements of this district.  Staff encourages that parking be placed in the rear of the 4,800 sq. ft. building as opposed to fronting W. American Drive. If the parking is placed in the rear, then the building only needs a 30 ft. street setback as opposed to a 60 ft. street setback.

5.       No garages or storage buildings are identified on the site. If proposed, they must abide to the B-5 guidelines. 

6.       Radio and Television Antennas – No antennas are shown on the site plan.  They must be in conformance with the requirements of the B-5 zoning district. 

7.       Satellite Dishes – No satellite dishes are shown on the plan.  They must be in conformance with the requirements of the B-5 zoning district. 

8.       The façade of the strip mall will be a combination of masonry and steel. More details (e.g. color) are required to be submitted to staff in order to ensure that the design would be unique.  At this time, there is not an exterior façade design for the future 4,800 sq. ft. restaurant and these details will then need to be submitted to the Planning Commission for review and approval.

9.       Landscaping – No landscape plan has been submitted.  A plan must be submitted prior to final approval of the plan. This will include landscaping in the parking lot islands and near entrance areas. Also, if the parking stalls for the 4,800 sq. ft. restaurant are not placed in the rear, then landscaping will be required fronting it in order to create an aesthetically pleasing buffer to W. American Drive.

10.   A 10-foot wide asphalt trail shall be constructed along the entire balance of the property fronting West American Drive in order to provide for pedestrian and bicycle flow. Interconnections to all buildings on the site shall be provided to this trail by identified crosswalks and/or physical connections as specified by staff during the detailed site plan review.

11.   There shall be a bike racks at the strip mall and fast food restaurant. 

12.   A detailed site plan review and drainage review shall be conducted by staff as required by town ordinance and approved prior to the issuance of building permits.  This review shall include incorporation of all required general and basic regulations of the B-5 zoning district.

The Planning Commission may require that some of these conditions come back to them for review & approval.