Submitted for Town Board Approval February 12, 2001





Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Monday, January 8, 2001





Agendas with resolutions were posted at the Municipal Complex, Fire Station 40, Utility District, Appleton Public Library, Menasha Public Library, and Neenah Public Library.



Vice Chairman Robert Sprague called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Clerk Carlene Sprague noted the roll as follows:



Jeanne Krueger, Supervisor #1             Jerry Jurgensen, Supervisor #3

Bob Sprague, Supervisor #2            Greg Curtis, Town Attorney

Russ Handevidt, Supervisor #4            Keith Kiesow, Fire Chief

Carlene Sprague, Town Clerk            Carl Sutter, Town Engineer

Patrick DeGrave, Administrator             William Weiss, Police Chief

Myra Piergrossi, Dir. of Finance            Richard Eiberger, Town Assessor

George Dearborn, Dir. of Com. Dev.            Kim Grant, Town Crossing Guard

Kathy Hales, P.D. Admin. Director            Joseph Nowak, Town Crossing Guard

Peggy Johnson, Town Crossing Guard



Arden Tews, Town Chair



            Robert Wolfgram, Town Resident            Walter Drechsel, Town Resident        

            Tim Daczyk, Town Resident             Dan Johnson, Town Resident        

            Joe Trudell, Town Resident            Duane Richards, Town Resident        

            Pat Rogue, Town Resident             Mary Richards, Town Resident

            William Ottow, Town Resident            Cheryl Hintz, Reporter, Fox Cities Newspapers

            Janice Wolfgram, Town Resident            Dean Kaufert, State Assembly      


            II.       AWARDS/PRESENTATIONS

A.                 State Crossing Guards Week

Chief Weiss presented awards to: Kim Grant for 7-1/2 years of service, Joseph Nowak for 5 years of service, and Peggy Johnson for 3-1/2 years of service. 


Janice Lovejoy, who was not present, was also awarded a plaque for 1-1/2 years of service.


Chief Weiss stated that everyday, crossing guards provide the invaluable service of helping our children have safe passage from home to school.  I would also like to mention that it is not always in good weather situations.


Everyone was congratulated by the Town Board, the staff, and residents attending the meeting.



Joe Trudell, Town Resident, requested information regarding the Town’s proposal to renovate an old railroad bridge into a pedestrian trail.


George Dearborn, Dir. of Community Development, provided background regarding this issue.  He stated that this would be 80 % paid for through grant funding.


Supervisor Russ Handevidt spoke in favor of the proposed project.


Janice Wolfgram, Town Resident of 823 Terrace Ave., expressed her disapproval of a proposal to reconstruct her road and to special assess the residents living on that road.  She stated that the road needed repair for many years, and in her opinion, if the road had been maintained, this major reconstruction would not have been necessary.


William Ottow, Town Resident, spoke in disfavor of the Street Department’s ability to remove snow on his street and keep his road dry during the winter.  Our road looks like an ice rink, was his statement.


State Rep. Dean Kaufert, visited the Town Meeting and provided an update regarding what is transpiring on a State level.  He stated that he was recently appointed as Vice Chair of the Joint Finance Committee.


Supervisor Russ Handevidt expressed his disapproval of the Town of Menasha having to be a port of Winnebago County zoning.


Dean Kaufert stated that it’s a very delicate situation and that type of change would be very slow.







A.                 010108-1: Expenditures

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Handevidt to adopt the resolution and approve the expenditures with the exception of (none).  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


B.       010108-2: Police Department Radio Maintenance Control Bid Award

MOTION: Supervisor Handevidt, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and approve the bid for the Police Department Radio Maintenance Contract to 4X Corporation, W6246 Cty Rd BB, Suite E, Appleton, in the amounts of $2,489.83 for 2001 and $2,542.80 for 2002 as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


C.            010108-3: Approve Change Orders – Community Center

MOTION: Supervisor Handevidt, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and approve the two change orders signed by the Town Administrator on December 13, 2000, for the Community Center remodeling with an increase of $1,471.00 to the original price, for a total amount of $4,381.00 as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


D.                010108-4:  Donated Time for Fire Fighters

Supervisor Krueger questioned why there was a need to compensate the Town firefighters.


(Supervisor Krueger)  “I know that there are some fire departments of towns and villages that are volunteer.  How can they still be able to have volunteer help and our town cannot?”


Administrator DeGrave – You’re not volunteer anymore if you pay your people for their services, so you are part-time.


(Supervisor Sprague)  Depending upon what some other community does, doesn’t necessarily make it right.


(Administrator DeGrave)  That’s also true.


(Supervisor Krueger)  There is no wage in the body of this resolution of what they will be paid

for what use to be volunteer work.


(Administrator DeGrave)  It is the same hourly rate that you pay them for fire service.


(Supervisor Krueger)  That is $9.60?  With a wage adjustment, $10.22 for things like sweeping and washing the trucks?  The duties are not specific in here.  What would the duties be?  Is there anything that they would not get paid for, they come down to the fire house and immediately, whatever duties would be on their roster, they would be paid for….doesn’t matter what it is?


(Chief Kiesow)  There are things they donate time to such as the Santa Float, or going over to flood the rink at the Park Department and that was considered donated time. 


(Supervisor Krueger)  So you are saying they would have to be paid for being on the Santa Float?


(All Supervisors) No, they would not get paid for that.   It is not fire related.


(Supervisor Sprague)  I just hope this does not push us one step closer to a full-time fire department.  That is a concern of mine.  I understand the donated time.


Supervisor Sprague questioned what policy was in place for the Town of Clayton, who also has a volunteer fire department?


Chief Kiesow – I believe they are paid a yearly wage.


Chief Kiesow stated that our Fire Department holds our firefighters at a higher standard than most.  He stated that time spent volunteering for non-related fire duties would not be compensated, however, there is a need to compensate firemen for duties related to being a fireman.


(Supervisor Krueger)  We are talking over $8,000.00 for this year 2001, correct? 


(Chief Kiesow)  It’s possible.


(Supervisor Handevidt)  I have a serious problem with some of the committee structure, and what some of the committees do.  I know I would feel a little more comfortable if we had some of that spelled out better, so we could have some idea of how much time is going to be spent on these things.  I feel some of the committee work needs to be transferred back to the professional paid staff such as yourself.  Others that I see in the committee work seems to be, in my opinion, inappropriately done which should be done by what full-time staff we have.

What duties will be done, and by whom, and what we will be paying extra for them?


(Chief Kiesow) then lists the three committees.  Discussion ensues.


Supervisor Jurgensen stated that the Town is in a unique situation.  As for compensation, we have not budgeted for this, but it is my recommendation to approve this resolution.


Administrator DeGrave – The Town has gone from a fire department of volunteers, to a part-time status.  In his opinion, that is why it is now necessary to pay them a wage.


Much discussion ensued.


MOTION: Supervisor Handevidt, second Vice Chairman Sprague to adopt the resolution and approve to compensate part-time fire fighters for all duties performed that are substantially related to fire suppression and first responder service as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


E.                 010108-5: Fire Department Mutual Aid Agreement with City of Appleton

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Handevidt to adopt the resolution and approve the Mutual Aid Agreement with City of Appleton Fire Department as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


F.                 010108-6: Fire Department Personnel Wage Adjustments

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Handevidt to adopt the resolution and approve the year 2001 budget for the Fire Department Personnel Wage Increase as submitted.  Motion carried 3-1 with Vice Chairman Sprague, Supervisor Jurgensen and Supervisor Krueger voting yes, and Supervisor Handevidt voting no, with Chairman Tews excused.


G.                010108-7: 2001 Fire Department Budget Amendment

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second  Supervisor Handevidt to adopt the resolution and approve that the Dir. of Finance is authorized to execute the budget amendment increasing the General Fund Transfer from Unreserved Fund Balance and the General Fund Fire Protection Other Capital Equipment for the transfer of $6,700.00 for a mobile data computer for the fire department as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


H.                010108-8: Acceptance of Land Donation – Annex Land

MOTION: Supervisor Handevidt, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and approve the acceptance of land currently owned by Wisconsin Electric for the price of zero dollars ($0.00) as detailed in the Vacant Land Offer to Purchase of Nov. 27, 2000 as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.



A.            001218-1:POL Chapter 21 – A Personnel Policy Change for Vacation from Anniversary Date to Calendar Year      SECOND READING

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Handevidt to accept the second reading of the policy change amending, with notification to the Town Board, Chapter 21 of the Town of Menasha Personnel Manual, Sec. B & C Vacation.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


B.            001218-2:ORD  Chapter 15 – Road Reconstruction and Assessment Policy    


Administrator DeGrave provided a brief explanation regarding why he believes these amendments are needed.


Supervisor Sprague expressed his disapproval of the proposed changes.  He stated that anyway you look at it, these changes are going to cost the Town more tax dollars or some roads that really need reconstructing are not going to be repaired.  There are only so many tax dollars to go around.


Much discussion ensued.


Supervisor Handevidt spoke in favor of the amendments.


Janice Wolfgram, Town Resident, stated that, in her opinion, a change this important should be made known to all Town Residents.


MOTION: Supervisor Handevidt, second Supervisor Krueger to accept the second reading of the ordinance amending the Town of Menasha Municipal Code, Section 15.08 Special Assessments, and Section 15.10 New Town Road Requirements as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.



A.                 010108-1:APP Appointment – Deputy Assessor

MOTION:  Supervisor Handevidt, second Supervisor Jurgensen to accept the resolution and approve the appointment of Mr. James Zuiches to the new position of Deputy Assessor, effective January 8, 2001 as submitted. Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.



A.                 Regular Town Board Meeting – December 4, 2000

B.                Regular Town Board Meeting – December 18, 2000

MOTION:  Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Handevidt to accept the minutes as submitted. Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


X.                 CORRESPONDENCE

A.                 Fireline – January 2001

B.        Fire Department Monthly Report – November 2000

MOTION:  Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Handevidt to accept the correspondence for filing.  Motion carried unanimously, with Chairman Tews excused.


XI.            REPORTS

Town Administrator

A.     Town Administrator

Chairman Tews and other staff members attended the funeral of Tim Lukasavage.


He reminded the Town Board that the Town would hold a Public Hearing for the Hwy. 47 sidewalk project on January 22nd at 5:15 p.m..  He stated that there are some quirks on this project that need to be addressed prior to the Public Hearing.


There was a rather large record request from Mr. Degeneffe, and because of the volume of paperwork for this record request, we have asked him to pay an estimated amount in advance.

Carlene will be working with him on this request.


Fire Chief Kiesow requested permission from the Town Board, to attend a training seminar on “Leadership and Administration Training” in Maryland.


It was the consensus of the Town Board to allow Chief Kiesow to attend the conference.


B.        Town Attorney None


C.        Town Clerk –

Carlene Sprague, Town Clerk, reported to the Town Board regarding her success in effectively completing the scanning of Town Board Meeting Minutes at a cost of $6.00 per hour, versus a $15.00 per hour charge.


It was originally given to the former Administrative Assistant, Gaylene Nash, who left in the Spring.  It was up in limbo, so and I used money from the budget which was left over to be used for scanning.  We contacted a firm to scan personnel files, Planning Commission Meetings and Town Board Meetings.  After her termination of employment, continuation of the project was put on hold.  Clerk Carlene Sprague contacted a temporary staffing firm and was able to complete the scanning of Minutes from November of 1991 through September of 1998.  She was assisted by Tim Plagenz, Information Systems Specialist, and Chief  Weiss in this project.  We will continue with the project when we get a new scanner, this Spring.


Clerk Sprague also reported back to the Town Board regarding research that she was asked to do on whether it was legal for a Supervisor to also serve as a Pollworker.    Diane Lowe from the State Elections Board stated that as long as the person does not serve as a Pollworker during an election where they are on the ballot, there are not any problems legally in holding both positions.  Therefore, the Resolution that we passed on December 18th was fine.


Clerk Sprague also reported an alleged violation of State Statute 19.59(c) which allegedly occurred at the December 4, 2000 meeting.  Supervisor Krueger voted in favor of Resolution #001204-2 Limited Family Insurance.  Clerk Sprague believed Supervisor Krueger ethically should have abstained from voting.


(Supervisor Krueger) Administrator DeGrave, when we spoke you were going to check into this topic of compensation.  I did look up the State Statute and you said it was changed or revised last year.  I looked up the recent State Statutes and did not see that.


(Administrator DeGrave)  The Statute you quoted me was 63.23.  (Supervisor Krueger), “…except for offices combined under 60, no town may compensate a town officer for acting in more than one official capacity.”


(Supervisor Krueger)  I thought maybe it had been modified.


(Administrator DeGrave) ”My error, I’ll get the information for you.  According to the WTA,

it was revised in an act that I thought was Act 11, or Act 294 within the last couple of years, but that is the reason why you can make a per diem for being commissioners. Many towns will place board members as the Chairperson of things like park, or planning commission, and pay those per diems, and you are allowed to do that.”


D.        Town Board

1.     Jeanne Krueger, Supervisor #1 – None


2.     Robert Sprague, Supervisor #2 – None


3.     Jerry Jurgensen, Supervisor #3  

Supervisor Jurgensen reported on the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Bowl-a-Thon, which will be taking place soon.  We should do this again.  It is for a good cause.


4.     Russ Handevidt, Supervisor #4 

Supervisor Handevidt stated that he has never taken any wages for serving as a Pollworker and would like to hold both positions.


It was in the paper regarding the Railroad Quiet Zone.  We are on the record for requesting a “Quiet Zone”.


Supervisor Handevidt expressed his disapproval regarding the Town Offices being closed on the Friday, the day before New Year’s weekend.  I talked to a few unhappy people regarding tax collection and not being open.  It went over like a screen door in a submarine.


He stated that as a convenience for Town Residents, in the future, the Finance Department should hold regular office hours on the last day of tax collection.  It was the consensus of the Town Board to allow Dir. of finance, Myra Piergrossi, to hire temporary help.


E.        Town Chairman - Excused


F.         Other Town Officials

George Dearborn, Director of Community Development – Director Dearborn stated there will be a Winnebago Town’s Association meeting on January 10th.  They will be discussing the Winnebago County’s Comprehensive Plan.  Our Town Board has been supportive of the plan.  There is no need to attend.


Myra Piergrossi, Director of Finance – Director Piergrossi stated that next year, we are going to put a notice of days open and times, in the tax bill.  There were also problems with the phone system that day.


Supervisor Handevidt stated that many other places were open.  I don’t feel that we accommodate the taxpayers.


Supervisor Sprague and other Town Board members agreed.


Director Piergrossi expressed a need to hire a person temporarily to catch up in the Finance Department for reconcilliations, grants, W-2’s, etc.  We are hoping to hire someone to do bookkeeping temporarily for a couple of weeks to help with day to day functions, so that the Finance Dept. can catch up on their year-end workload due to the Principal Accounts Manager position still being vacant.  It was the consensus of the Town Board to allow Dir. of Finance, Myra Piergrossi, to hire temporary help.


Keith Kiesow, Fire Chief – None


William Weiss, Police Chief - None




XIII. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Same as on Agenda



At 7:35 p.m., MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Krueger to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  Motion carried unanimously with Chairman Tews excused.


Respectfully submitted,





Carlene L. Sprague

Town Clerk