Starting Salary: $11.71per hour

Six Months: $12.03



Dear Applicant:


Applications, resume, and cover letter will be accepted until the positions are filled.  Once the application has been processed you will be notified if you are to continue in the selection process.


The next step will be skills testing in the following dimensions:



          Transcribing from machine dictation

          Grammar/Language arts

          Numeric filing



        1. Office Skills testing - minimum acceptable 80% or above

        2. Typing test - minimum acceptable score of 55 - 60 wpm

        3. Interview - pass/fail

        4. Personnel Evaluation Profile - pass/fail

        5. Background investigation - pass/fail

        6. Conditional offer of employment

        7. Drug screening - pass/fail

        8. Probationary appointments are for six months, however, may be extended until

                     employee has reached successful completion of job requirements.


All applicants that successfully pass the testing dimensions will be notified of their interview date and time.


The position currently open is full-time, working a rotating schedule of five days on, two days off, five days on, three days off.  The first opening is second shift, 2:00 p.m. – 10:20 p.m., and the second opening would be a variation of second and third shift, 10:00 p.m. – 6:20 a.m.  It may also require an occasional twelve (12 hour) shift to cover for absences of other Communication Technicians.


Training is generally 6 - 8 weeks, working on both day and afternoon shifts. If you have any questions regarding this position, please feel free to contact me.




Kathy Hales

Police Administrative Services Supervisor










TITLE:                                               COMMUNICATION TECHNICIAN


DEPARTMENT:                               Police


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:         Police Administrative Services Supervisor



Job Analyst:      P.A.S.S. Kathy Hales


Date Analyzed & Updated:  05/15/2002




Operates communication and computer equipment to provide administrative support to sworn personnel, citizens of the community, other law enforcement agencies, social services, and the district attorney's office. 



1.         Enhance the department's effectiveness by providing information and administrative support.

2.         Evaluate telephone requests for police services by determining the urgency and type of complaint, and entering the information into the computer for dispatching an officer. 

3.         Communicate with citizens in the lobby by listening carefully to what is being said and then providing appropriate service.

4.                  Complete police reports by entering information into the county RMS computer, transcribing the narrative dictated by the officer, and making appropriate copies when complete.

5.                  Observe surveillance camera by watching the monitor periodically for any unusual activity and reporting such observations via communication equipment.

6.                  Make decisions based on training and policy.



1.         Act as court clerk by preparing necessary citations and summons for court, copying reports, running a current driver's license teletype, and calling cases in court.

2.         Prepare monthly reports by gathering data, entering data into the town computer, and printing completed reports.

3.         Complete assigned projects as time permits by checking with the Police Administrative Services Supervisor or Communication Technician (Records) for projects and finish them as instructed.

4.         Disperse supplies to sworn personnel by receiving requests, retrieving supplies and logging supplies when necessary.

5.                  Attend in-service training to enhance job performance.

6.                  Be flexible, adaptable, and open to the changes that will occur in your job.


The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive.  They represent typical elements and criteria necessary to successfully perform a job.




1.         Telephone (8 incoming lines)

2.         Various computers

3.         Various types of printers

4.         Dictation equipment (Lanier)

5.         Two-way radio

6.         Fax machine

7.         Copy machine

8.         Cash register

9.         Laminating machine



1.         Rotating work schedule - (5/2 - 5/3) includes weekends and holidays.

2.         May work alone after hours without supervision.

3.         May work under stress.

4.         Occasionally unpleasant contacts with the general public.

5.         May have continuous interruptions.






1.         High school diploma and additional secretarial/computer classes or experience.

2.         Sound computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.

3.         Minimum typing speed of 55 - 60 wpm.

4.         Above average English, grammar, and spelling skills.

5.         Excellent communications skills.

7.                  Ability to work independently as well as with a team.

8.                  Multi-tasking abilities.  (Must be able to do several tasks simultaneously, while making sound decisions during the process.)