General Information

Bridging the Fox Cities" across Little Lake Butte des Morts, the Town of Menasha, population 16,166, enjoys a convenient location in the heart of several transportation corridors, including the Tri-County Expressway, Highway 10 and County Highway CB.  The Town's low tax rate combines with superior municipal services to provide residents the best of small-town life and urban amenities.  The Town's police and fire departments are nationally accredited.  Over 200 acres of pristine parkland, including over five miles of paved pedestrian/bicycle trails and the community center, provide recreational activities for all residents.  Other attractions include the Tri-County Ice Arena which is an indoor ice arena and exhibition facility and a large community playground at O'Hauser Park.  Home to several Fortune 500 companies, the Town encourages additional high-caliber development to preserve its current quality of life.


Recycle.gif (1782 bytes)Recycling:

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According to Chapter 10 of the Town Municipal Code, the Town requires all residents and businesses to comply with the State of Wisconsin's Recycling Regulations as required under Chapter 159 of the Wisconsin and NR 544, Wis. Adm. Code.

If you are a Town of Menasha homeowner, your recycling materials will be picked up every other week on the same day as your garbage pickup.  For information on your scheduled pickup date, please call 720-7100 during regular business hours. For businesses, mobile home parks and apartments, please check with your park or apartment manager for further information.  Blue bins are available for all new construction in the Town at no charge, additional bins are available at the Town Municipal Complex for $6.50.  The Town of Menasha contractor for waste removal and recycling is Onyx (formerly known as Superior Services, Inc.) 

Multiple family residential units of five (5) units or more and licensed mobile home parks may be exempted from the Town assessment for refuse hauling service. According to Town code 10.09, Section 2, granting of the exemption shall be done solely by the Town Board.  In addition, owners or designated agents of non-residential facilities and properties must comply with Town Code 10.11.

greenballs.gif (238 bytes) Paper:  newspapers (all sections), magazines, catalogs, home office paper, corrugated cardboard boxes - flattened (no larger than 3ft by 3ft), telephone books, paperback books, hardcover books with the covers and bindings removed , junk mail and envelopes, fiberboard (soda and beer containers, cereal and cracker boxes, etc.) and grocery bags.   

greenballs.gif (238 bytes) Glass:  food and beverage containers - green, brown and clear. Not acceptable are light bulbs, plate glass, auto glass, tempered glass, mirrors, ceramics or any glass that's not a container. Do not recycle metal rings/necks/lids on glass jars or bottles.

greenballs.gif (238 bytes) Aluminum:  food and beverage cans only.  Not acceptable are scrap metal, paint cans, aerosol cans, automotive product cans, aluminum foil or disable aluminum plates or pie tins.

greenballs.gif (238 bytes) Plastic: narrow-necked bottles marked #1 or #2 on the bottom, such as laundry products and shampoo. Not acceptable are plastic wrap, plastic bags or any other type of plastic bottles such as those used for motor oil, antifreeze or other hazardous materials. Plastic containers with openings that are larger than their bottom should be reused or disposed of in the trash.

greenballs.gif (238 bytes)  Additional Items to be Recycled at the Winnebago County Landfill. Charges may be applied to some items. Please call the landfill for more information 232-1804. Items include Anti-Freeze, Appliances, Lead Acid Batteries, Scrap Metal, Tires, Waste Oil, Yard Waste


SUPERIOR SERVICES 1-800-688-4285

Dog & Cat Licensing

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All dogs and cats must be registered at age five months or by April 31st. All applicants must provide certification of rabies and proof of sterilization from a licensed veterinarian.  Registration is $7 for neutered/spayed and $12.00 for non-neutered/spayed.  Licenses can be obtained at the Municipal Offices, located at 2000 Municipal Drive.  When applying for a license, owners must present a rabies vaccination certificate and proof of sterilization from a licensed veterinarian.  No license will be issued without proper certification.  In order to avoid the late penalty fee of $5.00, licenses should be obtained by April 1 at the Town Offices, 2000 Municipal Drive, during regular office hours.  Owners are subject to a $79.20 fine for the first offense and $116.10 for the second offense for unlicensed dogs and cats.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to each person who owns, occupies or controls land in the Town of Menasha , Winnebago County , State of Wisconsin , to destroy all noxious weeds on such property before the plants bloom.  The noxious weeds are Canada thistle, leafy spurge, and field bindweed (creeping jenny).

                                             Arden Tews                                             Town Chairman