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TMPD - Introduction

The Town of Menasha lies in the "Fox Cities" area of Wisconsin, near the northwest corner of Lake Winnebago, about thirty minutes southwest of Green Bay.  The police department was formed in 1972, when a full-time chief was hired, and has since grown to its present strength of twenty-five sworn officers, seven civilian employees, and four crossing guards.

The Town of Menasha has a service area of 12.5 square miles, with a population of approximately 16,800 people.  The agency has a variety of zoning types within its jurisdiction.  The economy of the area is based on the paper industry.  Pierce Manufacturing, Kimberly Clark, SCA Tissue, Cell U Tissue, Great Northern Container, and many other businesses are located with the Town of Menasha.  There is a significant residential area, and some commercial development.  Additionally, there are significant bodies of water that require attention, along with a major bridge across Little Lake Butte des Morts.


The Town of Menasha Police Department exists for the purpose of providing an enhanced level of public safety in the community, protecting the constitutional rights of all people, and improving the quality of life of each citizen.


We are committed to:


Problem Solving
Planning For The Future
Providing Leadership To The Police Profession



Rodney V. McCants
Chief of Police

  • SENSITIVITY and OPENNESS toward citizens and employees.

  • Being a FACILITATOR and COACH.  Developing an open atmosphere that encourages providing and accepting feedback.

  • Striving to develop mutual RESPECT and TRUST among employees.

  • Believing that the best way to improve the quality of work is to ASK and LISTEN to employees who are doing the work

  • Managing on the BEHAVIOR of 95% of the employees and not on the 5% who cause problems.  Dealing with the 5% PROMPTLY and FAIRLY.

  • Avoiding "top down" POWER-ORIENTED decision making whenever possible.

  • Believing in, fostering, and supporting TEAMWORK.

  • Through teamwork, developing with employees agreed upon GOALS and a PLAN to achieve them. Encouraging CREATIVITY through RISK TAKING and being tolerant of honest mistakes.

  • Being committed to the PROBLEM SOLVING process, using DATA, not emotions, to drive decisions.