Garbage & Recycling Calendar

Garbage & Recycling Calendar


Recycling & Garbage Calendar 2014

Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule

Curbside Collection:

Curbside collection of residential garbage and recyclables is contracted with Advanced Disposal Services 1-800-688-4285.

Town Ordinance:
The Town Municipal Code Chapter 10 requires all residents and businesses to comply with the State of Wisconsin’s Recycling Regulations.

Town Solid Waste Policy:
Solid waste refers to garbage, recyclables, yard waste and leaves, bulk items and items banned from Wisconsin landfills.  Please reference the Town of Menasha Solid Waste Policy. 

Curbside collection of garbage occurs weekly and recyclables are picked up every other week on the same day as your garbage pickup.  Residents of mobile home parks and apartments should check with the park or apartment manager for further information.

Important Information

Businesses should contact the Town of Menasha for recycling information. Multiple family residences of five (5) units or more and licensed mobile home parks may be exempted from the Town assessment for refuse hauling service. In accordance with Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 10.07 (2), granting of the exemption shall be done solely by the Town Board. In addition, owners or designated agents of non-residential facilities and properties must comply with Town Code 10.10.

Advanced Disposal Services 1-800-688-4285
Winnebago County 920-727-2896
Town of Menasha 920-720-7110