Municipal Code Book

The following codes are unofficial text.  The official text is maintained by the Town Clerk’s Office.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01  Composition and Duties of General Town Government

Chapter 02  Town Board and Other Meetings

Chapter 03  Police and Emergency Government Management

Chapter 04  WI Traffic Code and Snowmobile Regulations

Chapter 05  Fire Department

Chapter 06  Land Division Ordinance

Chapter 07  Public Protection, Orderly Conduct & Firearm-Gun Control

Chapter 08  Public Nuisances

Chapter 09  Licenses, Permits & Fees

Chapter 10  Disposal of Solid Waste

Chapter 11  Mobile Home Parks, Mobile Homes and Recreational Campers

Chapter 12  Minimum Standards Housing Code

Chapter 13  Town Building Code

Chapter 14  Impact Fees

Chapter 15  Public Works

Chapter 16  Finance

Chapter 17  Public Parklands and Rental Facilities

Chapter 18  Construction and Effect of Ordinances

Chapter 19  Municipal Judge and Court

Chapter 20  Administrative Review Procedures of The Town of Menasha

Chapter 21  Public Health

Chapter 22  Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan

Chapter 24  Hazardous Waste

Chapter 25  Industrial Pretreatment Rules and Regulations of the Neenah-Menasha Sewerage Commission

Chapter 27  Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation

Chapter 28  Sewer and Water Public Utilities Commission

Chapter 29  Development Ordinance

Chapter 30  Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 31  Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 32  Construction Site Erosion Control

Chapter 33  Post-Construction Storm Water Management

Chapter 34  Illicit Discharge and Connection

Chapter 35  Stormwater Utility

Appendix A  Records Retention Schedule

Appendix B  Fee Schedule

Appendix C  Fines and Penalties

Appendix D  Ordinance Bond Schedule