Seeking Request for Proposals


Issue Date:             October 11, 2012

Title:                         Directional Sign Program

Issuing Agency:    Town of Menasha
                                  Community Development Department
                                  2000 Municipal Drive
                                  Neenah, WI 54956

Contract Period: Date of Award with annual renewals subject to completion of annual performance review

Inquires: Inquires shall be directed to:  George L. Dearborn Jr., AICP, Director of Community Development, , (920) 720-7105

Purpose: The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to solicit proposals from firms capable of providing design, fabrication, installation, promotion and marketing services for a directional sign program.  Signs sponsored and approved by the Town of Menasha are and will be located in the public right-of-way.  These directional signs are for locating public facilities, churches, schools, businesses, and industries that cannot otherwise be easily found. 

Background and Overview: The Town of Menasha has established a directional sign program to assist local churches, schools, businesses and industries to ensure that the public can more easily locate them when they are not located on major highways.  This program has been operating for a few years and four signs have been placed.   Signs & Such, under contract with the Town, has designed, manufactured and installed signs and promoted the program since its inception.  Signs & Such can no longer provide this service.  The current sign specifications will be available from the Town for new sign production. This program is entirely funded by the sign applicants.  The Town works with the firm chosen for this program to set the appropriate fees for the manufacturing, installation and overhead.  Additional annual fees are collected by the Town for maintenance and the chosen firm will be reimbursed with these collected funds for maintenance and repair.

Statement of Need:  The Town of Menasha needs a firm capable of designing and redesigning signs, manufacturing and installing the signs, and promoting the directional sign program.   Currently installed signs shall also be maintained and replaced as needed by this firm.

Qualifications: The selected firm shall continue the program already established in the Town.   The selected firm shall have the ability to design and redesign signs that provide identity for the Town while clearly presenting information, by using a common look and consistent design that creates a unique sense of place.

Selection: This solicitation is to determine qualifications of firms and is not to be construed as an offer or an acceptance. No request for services is implied nor guaranteed. Specific projects will be negotiated based upon scope and budget.

Requirements: A letter indicating main area(s) of professional expertise, and examples of former work applicable to this project should be sent to: George Dearborn, Director ofCommunity Development,Community Development Department, 2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, WI 54956, (920) 720-7105.

Proposal Due Date: All proposals are to be mailed or hand-delivered to the Town Clerk’s Office, 2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, WI, 54956 by the deadline:  October 29, 2012 at 2:00 P.M.

Project Officer:        George L.  Dearborn Jr, AICP
                                   Director of Community Development
                                   Community Development Department
                                   Town of Menasha
                                   2000 Municipal Drive
                                   Neenah, WI 54956
                                   Phone: (920) 720-7105
                                   Fax: (920) 720-7116