Town Government

Annual Town Meeting:
A township is unique to that of a city or village, as Annual Town Meetings are required pursuant to Section 60.10 of the Wis. State Statues.  A Town Meeting is a meeting of the electors and is distinguished from a meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  There are three purposes of a Town Meeting.  First is the power to authorize the Town Meeting to direct certain actions and activities.  The second power is considered directives or grants of authority that the Town Meeting may give to the Town Board.  The third type of power is considered authorizations by the Town electors to the Town Board to appropriate money for specific purposes.  The Annual Town Meeting of the Town Electors is held annually on the second Tuesday of April.  

Village Powers:
At the Annual Town Meeting of April 3, 1956, the Town Board of Supervisors was authorized to exercise village powers, pursuant to Section 60.22(3) of Wis. State Statues.  The exercise of village powers does not change the status of the Town and is only an alternate authority for carrying out the function established in Chapter 61.