Wisconsin City/County Management Association

1997-98 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: The Wisconsin City/County Management Association (WCMA) will encourage the development and improvement of professional local government management in Wisconsin by advocating and affirming improvements in local government administration and by offering support to its members in their quest for great professional proficiency.

Objective #1: Sustain and improve organizational communications


a. Publish four newsletters to inform the members of new appointees, provide information on local government issues and WCMA activities and events.

b. Conduct regional meetings on a frequent basis on the initiative of each regional coordinator.

c. Participate with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in the development of its Internet services. Develop a linked WCMA home page.

Objective #2: Increase the professional profile of the WCMA

a. Participate as workshop leaders at the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Annual Conference and other similar events.

b. Support appointment of an administrator/manager continuously on the Board of Directors of the League.

c. Interact with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) by:

* encouraging a member of the ICMA staff or board of directors to attend the annual conference

* participating on the planning and evaluation committees for each annual conference

* nominating outstanding candidates for the position of regional vice-president and/or president

* maintaining the affiliation agreement with ICMA

* attending and participating in the ICMA Midwest Region meetings

d. Assist other communities to create and retain professional administrative positions

Objective #3: Provide professional and personal support to members

a. Create an active "range-rider" program to provide professional and personal support to each manager and administrator on a one-to-one basis.

b. Conduct an annual Professional Development Seminar each spring.

c. Plan and hold the WCMA Annual Conference each summer.

d. Continue the Partners Program by including partners notes in the newsletter, scheduling partners activities at the annual conference and include a "partner" as an ex-officio member of the Program Committee

e. Use the new Ethics Committee to 1) plan and implement programs which assist members in evaluating contemplated actions within the context of the ICMA Code of Ethics and 2) define the role of the WCMA in enforcing ethical standards

Objective #4: Perform necessary organizational maintenance functions to maintain the viability of the WCMA

a. Prepare and adopt an annual budget and ensure compliance with standards through an audit.

b. Maintain the strong relationship with UW-Oshkosh through the agreement for secretariat services.

c. Update and renew the Strategic Plan as necessary.