City of Badgerville

ORDINANCE NO._________, SERIES OF 1997



The Common Council of the City of Badgerville does ordain as follows:

Section 1. Chapter 1A of the Municipal Code of the City of Badgerville is hereby created to read as follows:

1A.01 Office of the City Administrator. In order to provide the City of Badgerville with a more efficient, effective and responsible government under a system of a part-time mayor and part-time common council (hereinafter referred to as "council") at a time when city government is becoming increasingly complex, there is hereby created the Office of City Administrator for the City of Badgerville (hereinafter referred to as "administrator").

1A.02 Combine Administrator and Clerk Positions

The positions of administrator and clerk are combined by this ordinance (with the combined position hereinafter referred to as "administrator".) [Note: optional]

1A.03 Appointment, Term of Office and Removal. The administrator shall be appointed on the basis of merit with due regard to training, experience, administrative ability and general fitness for the office, by a majority vote [two-thirds vote] of the council. For the purposes of appointing or terminating the administrator, the mayor and each alderman shall cast one vote. The administrator shall hold office for an indefinite term subject to removal at any time by a three-fourths vote of the council. This section, however, shall not preclude the council from establishing other employment terms and conditions not inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance or the Municipal Code of the City of Badgerville.

1A.04 Residency. The administrator shall become a resident of the City of Badgerville within one year following the date of appointment, unless this requirement is specifically waived or varied by council ordinance or by contract authorized by the council, and entered into with the administrator, covering the terms and conditions of residency.

1A.05 Functions and Duties of the Administrator. The administrator, subject to the limitations defined in resolutions and ordinances of the City of Badgerville and Wisconsin State Statutes, shall be the chief administrative officer of the city, responsible only to the mayor and the council for the proper administration of the business affairs of the city, pursuant to the statutes of the State of Wisconsin, the ordinances of the City of Badgerville, and the resolutions and directives of the council, with power and duties as follows:



1. Carry out directives of the mayor and council which require administrative implementation, reporting promptly to the mayor and council any difficulties encountered herein;

2. Be responsible for the administration of all day-to-day operations of the city government including the monitoring of all city ordinances, resolutions, council meeting minutes and state statutes;

3. Prepare a plan of administration, including an organization chart, which defines authority and responsibility for all nonstatutory positions of the city; and submit it to the city council for adoption as the official organization and administrative procedure plan for the city; (optional)

4. Establish when necessary administrative procedures to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of city government according to current practices in local government, not inconsistent with paragraph 3 above or directives of the mayor and council;

5. Serve as ex-officio nonvoting member of all boards, commissions and committees of the city, except as specified by the council or Wisconsin State Statutes;

6. Keep informed concerning current federal, state, and county legislation and administrative rules affecting the city and submit appropriate reports and recommendations thereon to the council;

7. Keep informed concerning the availability of federal, state and county funds for local programs. Assist department heads and the council in obtaining these funds under the direction of the mayor and the council;

8. Represent the city in matters involving legislative and inter-governmental affairs as authorized and directed as to that representation by the mayor and council;

9. Act as public information officer for the city with the responsibility of assuring that the news media are kept informed about the operations of the city and that all open meeting rules and regulations are followed;

10. Establish and maintain procedures to facilitate communications between citizens and city government to assure that complaints, grievances, recommendations and other matters receive prompt attention by the responsible official, and to assure that all such matters are expeditiously resolved;

11. Promote the economic well-being and growth of the city through public and private sector cooperation;


1. Attend all meeting of the council, assisting the mayor and the council as required in the performance of their duties;

2. In coordination with the mayor, the council, and the clerk, ensure that appropriate agendas are prepared to all meetings of the council, all council committees, and all other appropriate committees and commissions of the city, together with such supporting material as may be required; with nothing herein being construed as to give the administrator authority to limit or in any way prevent matters from being considered by the council, or any of its committees and commissions;

3. Assist in the preparation of ordinances and resolutions as requested by the mayor or the council, or as needed;

4. Keep the mayor and council regularly informed about the activities of the administrator's office by oral or written report at regular and special meetings of the council;

5. In the event that action normally requiring council approval is necessary at a time when the council cannot meet, the administrator shall receive directives from the mayor.


1. Be responsible for the administrative direction and coordination of all employees of the city according to the established organization procedures;

2. Recommend to the council the appointment, promotion, and when necessary for the good of the city, the suspension or termination of department heads;

3. In consultation with the appropriate department head, be responsible for the appointment, promotion, and when necessary for the good of the city, the suspension or termination of employees below the department head level;

4. Serve as personnel officer for the city with responsibilities to see that complete and current personnel records, including specific job descriptions, for all city employees are kept; evaluate in conjunction with department heads the performance of all employees on a regular basis; recommend salary and wage scales for city employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements; develop and enforce high standards of performance by city employees; assure that city employees have proper working conditions; work closely with department heads to promptly resolve personnel problems or grievances; (optional)

5. Assist in labor contract negotiations and collective bargaining issues;

6. Work closely with department heads to assure that employees receive adequate opportunities for training to maintain and improve their job-related knowledge and skills and act as the approving authority for requests by employees to attend conferences, meetings, training schools, etc., provided that funds have been budgeted for these activities.


1. Be responsible for the preparation of the annual city budget, in accordance with guidelines as may be provided by the city council and in coordination with department heads, and pursuant to state statutes, for review and approval by the mayor and the council;

2. Administer the budget as adopted by the council;

3. Report regularly to the council on the current fiscal position of the city;

4. Supervise the accounting system of the city and insure that the system employs methods in accordance with current professional accounting practices;

5. Serve as the purchasing agent for the city, supervising all purchasing and contracting for supplies and services, subject to the purchasing procedures established by the council and any limitation contained in the Wisconsin State Statutes; (optional)

(E) DUTIES AS CLERK [Optional]

1. The administrator shall perform the duties of city clerk as prescribed in Wisconsin Statute Chapter 62.09 (11).

1A.06 Cooperation. All officials and employees of the city shall cooperate with and assist the administrator so that the city government shall function effectively and efficiently.

Section 2. Severability. The provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed severable and it is expressly declared that the council of the City of Badgerville would have passed the other provisions of this ordinance irrespective of whether or not one or more provisions may be declared invalid; and if any provisions of this ordinance or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the remainder of the ordinance and the application of such provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby.

Section 3. Effective Date. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication as provided by law.

Date enacted:_________________________, 1997

City of Badgerville