Licenses and Fees

Licenses and permits are not all inclusive and most require inspections prior to granting. Fees are non-refundable

For more fees, see the Appendix B Fee Schedule


Original Alcohol Beverage License

(July 1 – June 30 annually) Applications must be on file at least 15 days before presenting to the Town Board. Inspections and background checks are required. Fees may be pro-rated. In addition to license fees, there is a publication fee of $55.00.

Auxiliary Questionnaire

Questionnaire is required for all partners, corporation/association with officers, directors, and agent of a business applying for an alcohol beverage license; asks information such as type of license, applicant’s contact information, licensing period, qualifications for license, premise description, whether outstanding beer/liquor bills, and applicant’s signature.

Schedule for Appointment of Agent

All corporations or limited liability companies applying for an alcohol beverage license must appoint an agent. An agent must meet a 90-day state residency requirement; is named in the license and given full authority and control over the licensed premises. Includes a background check and must be approved by the Chief of Police.

Class “A” Beer

For sale of fermented malt beverages for off-premise consumption only. Usually issued to convenience/grocery stores and gas stations.

“Class A” Liquor
Fee: $350.00

For sale of intoxicating liquor for off-premise consumption only. Issued to grocery stores, gas stations, drug/convenience stores; may be issued in combination.

Class “B” Beer
12 Month License

For sale of fermented malt beverages only for on- and off-premise consumption; to restaurants/supper clubs/taverns. May be issued on combination with “Class C” Wine license.

Six Month License

Available one per year.

“Class B” Liquor

For sale of intoxicating liquor for on- and off-premise consumption. Wine may also be sold on and off premises. Fee is for existing businesses holding a license based on quota allowed to be issued by the municipality and who are in force on Dec. 1, 1997.

Reserve “Class B” Liquor

Initial fee for authorized liquor licenses issued by the municipality based on quota.

Class “C” Wine

For sale of wine for consumption on-premise only, for those who qualify; restaurants only.

Wholesaler (Distributor)

May issue licenses to sell fermented malt beverages in original packages from premises within the Town. Permits must be obtained from the Dept. of Revenue.

Provisional Class A, B, or C Retailer’s

Issued only to a person who has applied for a Class “A”/”Class A”, Class “B”/”Class B” or “Class C” license. Expires in 60 days, or when the regular license is issued; whichever is sooner. No person may hold more than one provisional retail license for each type of license applied for by the holder per year. Fee is paid in addition to the regular license fee(s).

Temporary Class “B” Retailer’s (“Picnic License”)

Commonly issued only to bona-fide clubs in existence for at least 6 months; state, county, or local fair associations, agricultural societies, church, lodge, or a society that has been in existence for at least 6 months.

Temporary Class “B” Operator

Issued to a bartender for a picnic or similar gathering. Is valid for 14 days. No person may hold more than one temporary license per calendar year; the operator must be employed by, or donating their services to holders of temporary Class “B” Retailer’s licenses.

Beer Garden Permit

(July 1–June 30 annually) Permit for an outside enclosed beer garden area usually consuming and/or serving alcohol beverages. Completed application along with all applicable permits required as well as an approved site plan must be on file. Inspections are required. Depending upon zoning, this will determine the hours of operation within the beer garden.

Operator License

(Two-Year, or pro-rated) Issued to a bartender/server. Must show proof of responsible beverage server’s course taken within a two-year period of application, or hold a current operator or retailer’s license to apply. New applicants must have completed, or at least be registered for a beverage server course and present registration form at time of application. Fee includes background check. Apply at Police Department.

Provisional Operator License

License may be issued only when applying for a regular Operator License. Not required when working at all times under another licensed operator. Expires in 60 days or upon receipt of regular Operator License.

Mechanical Amusements
Annual License
(July 1 – June 30 annual)
Six Month Licesnse

License is for any coin-operated entertainment such as video games, pool tables, dartboards, jukeboxes and karaoke.

Special Event
48 Hour Event

License is granted for special events such as shows, concerts, musical entertainment, carnivals, theatrical performances. Inspections are required. Application must be filed 45 days prior to the event. In addition to the event fee, an escrow fee is also required.

Additional 24 Hours

Each day of the event beyond 48 hours shall require an additional fee, per day.


Each re-inspection, if required, shall be charged an additional fee.

Escrow Fee

Escrow fee must be paid at time of application. The fee is refunded 30 days after the event, if unused.

Cigarettes & Tobacco
Cigarette & Tobacco Products

(July 1 – June 30) All establishments that sell cigarettes or tobacco products over-the-counter or by vending machine must be licensed.

Dance Permit

Any party organizing a dance to which the public may gain admission with or without payment of a fee. A private event does not require a permit. Application and fee must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to the date of the dance.

Dogs | Cats
Dog | Cat License

(April 1 – March 31 annually) Required over 5 mos. of age. Bring proof of animal spayed or neutered and proof of rabies vaccination when applying for a license. No person may maintain more than four animals within the Town. After March 31, penalties apply.

Additional late fee if after March 31
Not neutered / Not spayed
Secondhand Dealers
Secondhand Article Dealer

(January 1 – December 31 annually) Any person other than an auctioneer who primarily engages in the business of purchasing or selling secondhand articles not including jewelry; with exceptions. Secondhand dealers regulated by ss. 134.71(11).*

Secondhand Jewelry Dealer

(January 1 – December 31 annually) Any person other than an auctioneer who primarily engages in the business of purchasing/selling secondhand articles including jewelry; some exceptions.


(January 1 – December 31 annually) Pawnbrokers must be licensed.

Secondhand Article Dealer Malls / Flea Markets

(May 1 – April 30, Two-year license; odd-numbered years) Malls and flea markets are required to have a permit.

Other Licenses & Permits

(July 1 – June 30) Bowling alleys must be licensed.

Bicycle License
No Charge

Bicycles must be licensed and are required to be registered; ID tags shall be affixed.

Block Party Permit
No Charge

Complete authorization form when closing through traffic; permit shall be obtained from the Police Department.

Christmas Tree Permit

Permit to sell christmas trees. Limited to 60 days; apply before November 1. Community Development Department must approve your site plan prior to application.

Fireworks Display Permit
Per Display
Per Fire Apparatus & Firefighter Wages
For professional displays only. (Fireworks not permitted in the town). Must be filed at least 15 days in advance of date of the display. Must provide license Bond, Proof of Financial Responsibility, list of persons in charge of display, type and number of fireworks, diagram of location. The Police and Fire Chief must endorse this application.
Gun or Weapon Dealer Permit

(July 1 – June 30 annually) No persons, firm or corporation shall operate or engage in the business of selling firearms and/or ammunition without having obtained a license.

Hotel, Motel or Inn
Per Place of Business

(July 1 – June 30 annually) Every person furnishing rooms or lodging to the public must apply for a license for each place of business.

Upon Revocation

Upon revocation, fee to issue or renew license.

Room Tax
Massage Therapist, Bodywork Therapist

(July 1 – June 30 annually) A background check is required. A Conditional Use Permit shall be obtained if performing treatments in the home.


(July 1 – June 30 annually) A background check and inspections are required. A Conditional Use Permit shall be obtained if performing treatments in the home.

Mobile Home Park License

August 1 – July 30 annually) Application fee must be accompanied by a $2,000 Surety Bond, State of WI Mobile Home Park license, legal description of premises, and park site plan. Fee is for every 50 lots.

Pharmacist Permit

(July 1 – June 30 annually) All pharmacists must be licensed.

Salvage Yard Operator
Annual (July 1 – June 30)
Six Month
Security Guard

(Two-Year License, July 1 – June 30) Security guards are required to be licensed.

Tattoo Artistry or Body Piercing
Annual Establishment Fee (July 1 – June 30)
Annual Practitioner Fee
Combined Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment

Each tattoo or body piercing establishment shall pay a fee. A license application from Winnebago County Health Department must be completed and approved prior to practicing in the town. Premises must pass inspection and approval.

Taxicabs or Limousine Service
Annually (July 1 – June 30)
Each Taxicab Driver

All taxicab/limousine services shall pay fees, and obtain/show proof of vehicle or fleet insurance when applying. A background check is performed by the Police Chief.

Transient Merchants
Transient Merchant/Vendors

Any person temporarily engaging in retail sale of merchandise at any place in the town (and not a permanent merchant of the Town of Menasha or the Fox Valley area) must have a permit. Permit is limited to 60 days. A $2,000 Surety Bond or other liability insurance is required. Fee is for each person selling.

Other Forms and Fees
Public Records Request

Request form for accessing, inspecting or obtaining town records. You may view any public records in the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours. Please see Chapter 9.15 of the town’s Municipal Code for more detailed information.

Photocopies Per Page (up to 50 pages)
Copies Non-Standard Paper
Actual Cost
Photocopies Per Page (over 50 pages)
Disk or DVD
Postage or Faxing
actual cost
Per 1,000 Voters on List

Price per 1,000 voters plus base fee.

State Voter Registration System Files Base Fee

Base fee set by state.

Administrative Charges

If applicable, for processing. Fees payable after minimum of $50 has accumulated.

Residency Letter

Certified letter to verify residency; includes the town seal.

Real Estate Inquiry
Regular Processing
Rush Processing
Tax Exempt Property Processing