O’Hauser Park Disc Golf Course

The O’Hauser Park Disc Golf Course features:

  • New, custom state-of-the-art concreted tee pads that measure 6′ wide and 15′ long
  • Color-coded tee pads for recreational, advanced,  and tournament play
  • Two or three possible pin placements at each hole
  • Raised tee pad on hole #4 (approximately 8′)
  • Raised pin placements on holes #9, #12, and #18

Depending on pin placement and which tee pads you choose to throw from, course length can range from 4,200′ to 7,562′ (1,285m to 2,300m).  The longest hole distance is hole #12, with the gold tee pad to gold pin placement measuring 623′.

O’Hauser Disc Golf Course Map



The Town of Menasha Parks and Recreation Commission has implemented a pay-to-play policy for the O’Hauser Park Disc Golf Course.  All disc golf players will need to purchase either a day pass or an annual pass and must carry the pass with them on the O’Hauser Disc Golf Course at all times.  Individuals found not to be in compliance will first be issued a warning and also be required to purchase a pass immediately.  If said individual is found to be non-compliant at ANY other time after a warning has been issued, a citation may be issued in accordance with Municipal Code Chapter 17.05 Disc Golf Fees, and subject to fines in accordance with Chapter 17.07 Penalties.


  • Daily – $3.00
  • Single-Person Annual Pass Resident – $20.00
  • Single-Person Annual Pass Non-Resident- $25.00
  • Two-Person Annual Pass Resident – $35.00
  • Two-Person Annual Pass Non-Resident – $40.00

Daily – the $3.00 daily fee may be paid on site at the disc golf pro shop located in the O’Hauser Park South Pavilion during its business hours or via the self-registration station found on the west wall of the pavilion.

Annual Passes
First-time annual pass purchasers will be issued a mini disc bag tag on which the disc golfer will affix the annual season pass sticker.  Each year thereafter, upon payment, the disc golfer will receive a new annual pass sticker to affix to the mini disc.  Hang on to your bag tags – whether it’s lost or stolen, a replacement bag tag will cost the same as the original.  Tags will need to be purchased in person at the Town of Menasha Parks & Recreation Office (2000 Municipal Drive – Neenah, WI 54956).  A single-person annual pass is for one person only.  The two-person annual pass will cover the purchaser and one guest.  The individual may bring the same person or a different person each time to the course.