Tree & Brush Chipping

Tree & Brush Chipping

Tree & Brush Chipping Program
  • Tree & brush material is collected on your garbage day during the Spring, Summer and Fall Programs, as indicated on the Town of Menasha Garbage/Recycling Calendar.
  • Tree & brush material must be placed curbside by 6:30am & no earlier than 48 hours prior to your regular garbage day.
  • Place branch piles in a single row with all “cut ends” toward the road; piles shall not exceed 5 ft in height; branches cannot exceed 6” in diameter.  Keep branches long for the safety of our crew.
Town of Menasha Tree & Brush Drop-Off Center

Location: 1422 E. Shady Lane

Hours: Monday – Saturday         7:00am – 4:00pm             CLOSED SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS

Hours in effect during the Spring, Summer, & Fall Chipping Programs

  • This drop-off center is for Town of Menasha residents only. Be prepared to show proof of residency (ie: valid driver license)
  • Acceptable materials: tree branches, brush, stumps (no more than 50 lbs), and roots with intact root balls.
  • NO dumping of leaves, grass clippings, garden debris, tree/shrub clippings, twigs & sticks, dirt, wood chips, wood shavings, or any garbage or recycling items.
  • NO biodegradable paper bags/plastic bags filled with yard waste or emptied out are allowed!
  • Contracted or professional services may NOT use the drop-off center.
  • This site is being monitored by surveillance cameras. Penalty for violating Town Ordinance 10.03(7) carry forfeitures up to $2,000.

View Official Town Tree and Brush Chipping Policy